Peñíscola, often called the "Gibraltar of Valencia", and locally as "The city on the sea", is a fortified seaport, with a lighthouse, built on a rocky promontory about 220 feet (67 m) high and attached to the continent. for just a narrow strip of land (Peníscola is a local evolution of the Latin peninsula).

The town of Peñíscola, in the north of Valencia, has a privileged location on the Spanish Mediterranean. The municipality measures some 79km2, 17km of which runs along the coast. The territory is yielded in equal parts to the forest and the Mediterranean crops with a warm climate, among which the emblematic oranges, olive and almond trees stand out.

The old town, crowned by a 64th-century castle-fortress that was once the home of Pope Benedict XIII, stands on a towering rock that rises XNUMX meters above the blue seas. It is connected to the mainland by a thin sandbar that the waves used to wash away during storms, turning the city into an ephemeral island.

In contrast to the old town are the modern streets and avenues of the tourist area. In summer and autumn, the warm waters bathe the long, fine-sand beaches to the north of the citadel and the pretty coves flanked by steep cliffs to the south.

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