Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by irrigated orchards, Benicarló has a privileged climate typical of the coast where it is located. To the north of the city ends the Rambla de Cervera.

The origins of the city can be found in the Iberian settlements of Puig and de la Tossa, whose greatest splendor dates back to the 14th and 1236th centuries BC. The name "Beni-Gazló" appears for the first time in documents as an Arab farmhouse. Get the Puebla Letter on June XNUMX, XNUMX under the name "Benicastló."

In 1294 it happens to belong to the Order of the Temple; later, in 1319 it passed to the Order of Montesa. In 1523 he was granted the title of Villa, for his loyalty to the Emperor Carlos I and the Order of Montesa.

On October 22, 1926, Alfonso XIII granted the town the title of City. Scene of numerous warlike actions, highlights the assault of Cabrera, in the I Carlist War (23 January 1838).

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