6 places to see in Peñíscola (Castellón)


I had the opportunity to visit this coastal town of north of Castellón during the spring of 2017, and it seemed to me exactly that place where the beach, family plans and rural tourism mix perfectly. Shortly after those dates it also became one of the most visited places, since the mythical series Game of Thrones recorded here part of season 6 (if you are a fan of the series, you will like to know that specifically Peñíscola is the city of To the sea).

Panoramic view of Peñíscola

The town sits on a rock that was linked to the rest of the coast by a small isthmus of sand. This was flooded in times of storm, turning it into an island. Now this is no longer the case because of the new constructions, but the old city continues to stand proudly on the rock being visible from the new part and many other surrounding points.

Peñíscola was also the place chosen by the Pope Moon to go into exile There's a mysteries and legends tour (free, then the will is paid) that you can do if you want to learn more about it: Free tour of the mysteries and legends of Peñíscola.

1. Old town of Peñíscola

Going through the city walls and gates is like going back in time. If in the new part of Peñíscola apartment buildings and streets with traffic predominate, in the historic center there are only old white painted houses and narrow pedestrian streets.

peñíscola old town

2. Peñíscola Castle

The main monument to see in Peñíscola is, without a doubt, its castle. It was built in the XNUMXth century by the Templars on the remains of the previous Arab citadel. this castle is one of the best preserved in Spain of those raised by the Order of the Temple.

It is also known as Castle of Papa Luna, and it is that, as I mentioned before, in 1411 Benedict XIII of Avignon (commonly known as Papa Luna, for his last name) made it his pontifical residence. France did not see with good eyes that an Aragonese was chosen as Pope and pressured him to resign. Little by little, other countries withdrew their support and he came to be classified as an antipope.

Finally he took refuge in the castle of Peñíscola, where he died a few years later. During his exile other popes were appointed, but he always maintained that he was the rightful pope. From this part of the story comes the saying "stick to your guns«, for his perseverance and his papal name.

wikipedia image

3. Artillery Park

In a lower area and separated from the castle is the Artillery Park, an area built in the XNUMXth century by Felipe II to modernize the castle defenses and deal with the piracy that occurred at the time in the Mediterranean. Today it is a garden overlooking the castle and the sea.

tripadvisor image

4. House of Shells

It is a house whose facade is fully decorated with seashells. Although it has windows and motifs that look like arabesques, the truth is that the house was built in 1961 and has a peculiar history: Its owner, Justa, was the first tourist guide of the city, taught his town in exchange for the will, and with what he was earning he was able to acquire a plot of land with his family and build this house, which he decorated with shells in honor of the sea in front of him.

image from verpueblos.com

5. Hermitage of the Virgin of the Hermitage

It is located in a beautiful square and integrated into the walls of the Castle and was built in 1714, replacing an old chapel, in baroque style.

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6. The beach

Not everything will be tourism, of course. Peñíscola has Playa Norte and Playa Sur, located on both sides of the rock where the old town is located.

La North Beach With more than 5 kilometers long, it is the busiest and also has crystal clear waters and fantastic views of the castle.

image from fotonazos.com

La South Beach, located next to the fishing port, has 300 meters of fine sand and is much less crowded. You decide!

6 places to see in Peñíscola (Castellón)


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